The Bluetooth icon disappears from the status bar when disconnected

With lots of connectivity possibilities on our smartphones these days, it can be easy to see how things can get extremely crowded on your status bar. LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC get additional to the time, battery amount (and percentage), alarms, and it’s possible DND or hotspot icons to build a tremendous cluttered status bar. Android has been making it possible for us to customise this in Procedure UI Tuner for a whilst, and it has also manufactured a couple selections like taking away the NFC icon when it can be not actively transmitting data, even when NFC is on. The exact same is happening for the Bluetooth icon in Android P.

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On P, you can leave your Bluetooth turned on with out it causing an icon to present permanently in the status bar. Only when it can be actively related to a machine will it pop up there. I can fully grasp the reasoning at the rear of this: 1. with notches, some shows will not have a ton of area to present icons so every single saved pixel counts and 2. buyers may flip Bluetooth off just to see the icon go absent, which may make discoverability of new products, especially good ones, extra complicated. As someone who always leaves Bluetooth on to join to my smartwatch and wearables, and who isn’t going to care to see the icon at all, I’m happy hiding it is the default conduct in P.

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