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 What Are Wallpapers?

A wallpaper is nothing but a digital image, which is used as a decorative background. In case of a PC or laptop, it is the one against which desktop icons, menus, icons, and other elements are displayed. When it comes to phones, wallpaper is the image that is displayed in the background for the ‘home’ or ‘idle’ screen. All operating systems provide certain pre-installed wallpaper images on their devices for their users to choose from.

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Why Do You Need Wallpapers?

If you own a device for more than few months, you often get bored of seeing the same background every time you open it. Though there are some default wallpapers that come pre-loaded on your devices, they can get boring, stale or sluggish. In short, we can say that they are the same on all devices of same make and kind, which is why you can lose interest in them. To get a makeover and make your device look fresh, the easiest way is to change the wallpaper.

What Is the Need for Downloading Wallpapers?

There is a default selection of wallpapers available on your device, but it might be that these default ones do not match your personality. Hence, you may want wallpapersdownload for the ones that align with your personality. They are available in high definition and ultra HD and can spruce things up on your phone. You will see a change of image or scenery every time you access your phone and feel good.

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How Can You Give Your Phone a Makeover?

Every time you get bored with your handset, you can’t actually change it. Then, how can you make it look and feel different? Well, if you own an Android phone, there are a variety of ways to shake things up a bit.

You can install a custom launcher or apply an icon pack, but the easiest way is to change the background display with beautiful wallpapers. You have ample of options for wallpapers. You can cycle through the images that you captured on your camera roll. This way, you can relive the memories every time you open your phone. If you don’t want to choose from your own collection of pictures, then you can choose a scenic landscape from Google+ or an image from the Google Earth collection and so on.

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How to Download Wallpapers?

Now that you are excited to download the wallpapers and make your phone represent your style and personality, you should know that downloading wallpapers is super easy. To find some great wallpapers in high definition and backgrounds is not at all difficult for the Android devices. There are tons of apps available that are just apt for the job. You can go to Play Store and download these apps for free.


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Google Wallpapers: Along with Pixel last year, Google also came out with its wallpapers app where the collection keeps growing with each passing day. If you download this app, you can get a wide selection to suit different moods. They have wallpapers of satellite imagery, patterns, architectural images and natural sceneries. It also provides you with the option to mix up the wallpapers every day if you want.

Muzei: If you are someone who wants a change every time, you can open up your phone to download Muzei. It automatically changes the wallpaper allowing you to even see new wallpaper every few minutes if you want. There are thousands of unique and curated sources on it from where it gets you your prospective wallpapers and most of the times you will love Muzei picks. In case you don’t like it, there is nothing to fret. You can just go to the Quick Settings and set the tile to skip to the next available choice.

DeviantArt: Another app that has millions and millions of wallpapers to download for free is DevianArt. It is one of the most diverse and biggest online art communities that exist on the internet. If you want really good wallpapers or “deviant” art pieces as they are called, then download this app and start enjoying their brilliant collection.

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Benefits of Downloading Wallpapers

There are numerous benefits of downloading these wallpapers that are available across tons of apps for free. Here are few of them.

  • They help in dressing up your phone to make them match up with your personality, style and mood.
  • They complement the screen of your device with exclusive backgrounds. They are available in HD formats. It means the pictures have higher pixels and thus they look like the real masterpiece that is made just for your device.
  • An average mobile phone user checks his device nearly 100 times a day. Seeing the same background always makes it a very boring job. Using wallpaper apps that can be set to change the background images at specified intervals will keep things fresh and exciting for you. Thus, whenever you check your phone, a new masterpiece from some professional designer will greet you. This constant change can convert your device into a source of excitement, inspiration and self-expression.
  • There are wallpapers available in HD and QHD resolutions, which just transform your screen.
  • These wallpapers are available in various categories like cute wallpapers, funny photos, natural beauty, abstract pictures, patterns, minimalistic etc. You can choose according to your likes and preferences.
  • It is absolutely important that you get the wallpaper in ideal size that fits your device perfectly. Only then, you will be able to enjoy the proper quality of the wallpaper flawlessly.
  • Using wallpapers is the easiest and the most convenient way to make your phone screen look stylish and that too with just a tap.
  • Most of the apps have very user-friendly navigation. They have options where you can check for newly added wallpapers or those that are very popular among other users.
  • The wallpaper apps are very easy to download. All you need to do is go to the Play Store and just press the download button. They are absolutely free to download.
  • The latest craze is that of dynamic wallpapers. In these, you can set the frequency at which you want your wallpaper to change and then it happens automatically.

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How to Change Wallpaper?

Wallpapers, which open the world of personalization for you to experience, are very easy to change. You can put a different wallpaper on your Android screen in three steps. These are:

  • Long press your home screen.
  • Choose the downloaded app from which you want to pick a particular wallpaper and click on it.
  • Tap ‘save’ and it is applied on the screen instantly and you are all set.

Now that you know all about wallpapers, start the journey of experiencing the world of personalization on your screens. If you search Google Images, it will also give some unique and great options. The only trick lies in finding the apps that have the right kind of stuff that matches your taste, personality and style. Wallpapers can be seen as the most basic personalization of your device and let’s see where you can find some of the best stuff. The best thing is that they provide you ample of quality wallpapers and that too absolutely free.